FAFSA Friday

It’s here! FAFSA Friday. Today is a great opportunity to meet with Financial Aid in HAlle G11. Representatives will be there from 9-5 to help students with filling out their FAFSA correctly and on time and will take other financial aid questions all day. Check out some of the other sweet services available from Financial… Continue reading FAFSA Friday

Some FAQs about CAPS

CAPS, or Counseling and Psychological Services is available to all students on campus and is conveniently located in the Snow Health Center. What is counseling? Counseling—or psychotherapy—is a professional relationship with a therapist to help you with personal problems. The counseling relationship differs from both social friendships and traditional patient-doctor relationships. Rather than giving you… Continue reading Some FAQs about CAPS

Student Spotlight Swoop’s Pantry

Haley Moraniec knows a thing or two about helping other people. As the founder of Swoops Food Pantry she has made an impact around campus. It started as a proposal for her social work major after studying food insecurity and how the problem really hits close to home. “Ypsilanti is a food desert” Haley mentioned… Continue reading Student Spotlight Swoop’s Pantry

You Should Know: New Service EMU Station in McKinney

Announcing two convenient locations for Service EMU!  Service EMU McKenny and Service EMU Student Center are available for all of your financial aid, billing, and registration needs.  Service EMU is pleased to announce a new location in McKinney that has replaced the walk in counters in Pierce Hall. Many students have used the convenient location… Continue reading You Should Know: New Service EMU Station in McKinney

Cutting Through the Red Tape

Or: What an Ombudsman is and How They Can Help You   Have you ever had a dispute you just couldn’t make any headway on? Perhaps you feel trapped in a Kafkaesque bureaucracy. The Ombudsman is there to guide you out. You may have never heard of an Ombudsman, but they are there for you.… Continue reading Cutting Through the Red Tape

Guest Post: The Journey of Finding Success

Here is final part of our series of posts by guest blogger Jay Jordan, a Marketing senior here at EMU. He has been focusing on turning academic success at college into career success in the field. This week: the easiest and most practical tips on how to directly transform academic success into career success and… Continue reading Guest Post: The Journey of Finding Success

Some FAQs about the UWC

You’ve heard about the UWC, right? Of course you have! You read about it here, remember?   So you may be mulling over some questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked ones, and the answers, at no extra cost… What should I bring with me to a consultation? Please bring your writing and… Continue reading Some FAQs about the UWC

Making Better Writers: The University Writing Center

The University Writing Center Imagine this: You’ve got a writing assignment and you’re sitting in front of your computer looking at a blank screen. You’re stumped; the words won’t come to you, or the assignment just doesn’t make sense. We’ve all been there. But fortunately, for situations like this there’s the University Writing Center (UWC),… Continue reading Making Better Writers: The University Writing Center