Coming FAll 2015: EMU EDGE

Next year, the Holman Success Center will continue its relentless pursuit to stay on the cutting edge of educational success with the introduction of its new programing weekend for first year students: Eastern EDGE. Eastern EDGE will be a special program that is opt in for all first year students and is part of the… Continue reading Coming FAll 2015: EMU EDGE

Supplemental Instruction Recruitment is Beginning Soon

          Could you see yourself assisting students to succeed in traditionally difficult courses? Are you passionate about your major? Do you want to make money for attending a class that you love? If you’ve answered YES to any of the previous questions then you may have what it takes to become… Continue reading Supplemental Instruction Recruitment is Beginning Soon

PASS with flying colors!

Jesse Hamby, a sophomore Aviation major, knows what it takes to go through the PASS program. It gave him skills he says have now become like second nature to him. For example, he still uses the study tables for a quiet place to work on assignments and always schedules time after class each day to… Continue reading PASS with flying colors!