Do you know the difference between your NetID and your eID? Regardless of who you are at EMU, you have a NetID. Your NetID username is different than your eID. Your eID is like a student number, it is the long one that begins “E00xxxxxxxx.” Your NetID is likely to be the one you will… Continue reading UPgradeurPa$$w0rd.

How to: Add a signiture to an Email

You may have the perfect signature designed, but how do you attach it to your email? It is far simpler than you might think. Here is the how to, straight from the source… Signatures are separated from the rest of your message by two dashes. To see a signature in Gmail, click the Show trimmed… Continue reading How to: Add a signiture to an Email

Fix your Online John Handcock!

You’ve all seen them, you might even have one, it could be as simple as “sent from my iPhone to or as complicated as one with a rainbow of colors and dancing babies, but what is the secret to a good email signature? You send a great deal of emails, right? Of course you do,… Continue reading Fix your Online John Handcock!

Too Many Email Accounts?

Do you have more than one email address? If you are like most students, you do, and keeping track of all those emails can be nauseating.  You should strongly consider merging the emails together, or forwarding all incoming mail. Why waste time checking different sites when all of your mail could be in one easy… Continue reading Too Many Email Accounts?

To CC or to BCC? That is the question…

Emails are a part of daily life for any college student. When sending emails to large groups, bound to happen weather it is a major project, study group, or even out in the business world at a full time career, it is important to know about the CC and BCC buttons. What are the CC… Continue reading To CC or to BCC? That is the question…