Study in Spring

Stay studious in the sun On those days when beams of sunlight are coming through the blinds and the thought of spending one more minute among stacks of books or in your stuffy dorm room is too much to bear, take it outside! It might sound challenging, but studying can be done outside. The trick… Continue reading Study in Spring

It may be warm but…

Flu season isn’t over! Flu season is in full swing, and the Washtenaw County Health Department (WCHD) is advising EMU students  that influenza cases have been increasing over the past week, targeting otherwise healthy adults. University Health Services is confirming that flu cases are peaking on the EMU campus as well. Since the flu season… Continue reading It may be warm but…

Spring Back Into Shape

You may have noticed that it is gorgeous out. What better time to get back into shape? Staying active physically is a great way to relieve stress, and can actually help you mentally. Use these tips to start getting more active again, and you might just do better this semester than you thought… Get outside… Continue reading Spring Back Into Shape

This Week in LBC Rewards 2.15

You’ve almost made it Eagles! One more week until “spring’ break! It may not be the warmest around here, but it is always nice to have a break. remember to use it wisely. ALso miportaiont to remember, this will be the last chance in two week to pick up reward points, and for some pretty… Continue reading This Week in LBC Rewards 2.15